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1 syllable

ball, bawl, brawl, call, crawl, drawl, fall, gall, hall, haul, mall, maul, pall, Paul, Saul, scrawl, shawl, small, sprawl, squall, stall, tall, thrall, trawl, wall, y'all 

2 syllables

appall, Bacall, Nepal, moon-fall, screwball, hardball, menthol, freefall, keelhaul, meatball, recall, sea-wall, shortfall, softball, storm-wall, football, footfall, pool-hall, drywall, eyeball, ice-wall, nightfall, blackball, catcall, fastball, half-fall, half-wall, AWOL, baseball, eight-ball, paintball, rainfall, reinstall, befall, enthrall, install, kickball, miscall, pinball, pitfall, stick-ball, windfall, withal, downfall, phone-call, pro-ball, snowball, snowfall, stonewall 


3 syllables

aerosol, alcohol, basketball, cannonball, crystal ball, Demerol, ethanol, off-the-wall, parasol, protocol, Tylenol, urban sprawl, wall-to-wall, alarm-call, Montreal, city hall, creepy-crawl, study hall, volleyball, free-for-all, know-it-all, multi-ball, Senegal, shopping mall, stoning-wall, wherewithal, overall, caterwaul, fireball, firewall, overhaul, waterfall, disco-ball, window-wall 

4 syllables

conference call, cholesterol, neanderthal 

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