Rhymes for: away 

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Rhymes: 99 results

2 syllables

aweigh, affray, allay, array, astray, beret, cafe, convey, fillet, today, halfway, two-way, headway, straightway, midway, outweigh, one-way, partway, ballet, cafe, passe, sashay, valet, bouquet, coupe, souffle, toupee, duvet, gourmet, hooray, puree, croquet, repay, obey, okay, portray, sorbet, betray, decay, delay, dismay, display, relay, unsay, survey, Cartier, soiree 

3 syllables

Adonai, chardonnay, lingerie, Chevrolet, seven-day, attache, cabaret, Mandalay, matinee, straightaway, take-away, disarray, disobey, turn-away, throw-away, thrown-away, DNA, USA, Sta, Beyonce, divorcee, stevedore, negligee, tar-decay, underway, modern-day, re-survey, fiance, Ira, CIA, Mia 


1 syllable

Bey, Che, cray, Jay, Kay, Les, Mae, may, nay, PE, Rae, SE, Tay, trey 

4 syllables

election-day, giddy-away, going-away, papier-mache, instant replay 

5 syllables

Angelita, senorita 

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