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1 syllable

bin, chin, fin, Finn, gin, grin, in, inn, jinn, kin, Lin, pin, shin, sin, skin, spin, thin, tin, twin, win 

2 syllables

Rubin, bobbin, Robbin, Robin, dustbin, cabin, has-been, waste-bin, been-been, turbine, akin, chagrin, ruin, doctrine, foreign, goblin, margin, Marvin, pumpkin, Roxanne, toxin, engine, Kevin, penguin, therein, wherein, sequin, sheepskin, coffin, foreskin, maudlin, talkin', urine, drive-in, aspirin, chaplain, famine, napkin, tailspin, begin, herein, kingpin, within, Berlin, urchin, vermin, virgin 

3 syllables

alkaline, bulletin, double-chin, endocrine, feminine, frozen-in, iodine, javelin, Madeline, mandolin, masculine, melanin, next of kin, onionskin, paraffin, porcelain, sunken-in, violin, vitamin, genuine, clandestine, intestine, jet engine, safety pin, safety-pin, Agustin, figurine, examine, imagine, re-begin, rolling pin, unbidden, determine, Katherine, leopard-skin, Mandarin, margarine, paper-thin, saccharin, sovereign, winter-skin, heroine, micro-thin 


4 syllables

amphetamine, Ventolin, cross-examine, self-examine, heroine-in, reflected-in, PG-13, hemoglobin, ex-heroin 

5 syllables

antihistamine, identical twin, NC-17 

6 syllables

sanitary napkin 

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