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1 syllable

buys, byes, cries, dries, dyes, flies, fries, guys, highs, lies, pies, sighs, skies, spies, sties, Thais, thighs, ties, tries, whys, drys, guise, prize, rise, shies, size, wise 

2 syllables

advise, applies, apprise, arise, comprise, supplies, surprise, pop-eyes, french-fries, heat-rise, knee-highs, ball-eyes, horseflies, goodbyes, goodies, eyes-eyes, thigh-highs, bug-eyes, undies, unwise, baptize, capsize, chappies, chastise, belies, defies, demise, denies, despise, devise, disguise, excise, implies, indies, relies, replies, revise, surmise, clockwise, finalize, idolize, likewise, sunrise, allies, analyze, baptize, capsize, chastise, franchise 


3 syllables

angel-eyes, half-surprise, anti-lies, post-demise, yellow-eyes, authorize, burglarize, glamorize, memorize, mesmerize, pasteurize, plagiarize, polarize, pulverize, satirize, summarize, terrorize, theorize, alibis, compromise, criticize, emphasize, fantasize, hypnotize, improvise, lullabies, merchandise, minimize, mobilize, neutralize, organize, paradise, paralyze, patronize, realize, recognize, socialize, specialize, stabilize, sympathize, advertise, butterflies, enterprise, exercise, fireflies, jeopardize, otherwise, supervise 


4 syllables

potato-eyes, categorize, characterize, computerize, popularize, accessorize, anesthetize, antagonize, apologize, capitalize, commercialize, decentralize, dehumanize, demoralize, deodorize, desensitize, economize, electrifies, evangelize, familiarize, generalize, homogenize, idealize, immobilize, immortalize, intensifies, internalize, monopolize, philosophize, prioritize, rationalize, recolonize, reorganize, revitalize, romanticize, visualize, counterclockwise, over-analyze 


5 syllables

compartmentalize, decriminalize, industrialize, materialize, over-emphasize, photosynthesize, psychoanalyze, revolutionize, amplifies, private enterprise 

6 syllables


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