Rhymes for: face 

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Rhymes: 97 results

1 syllable

ace, base, bass, brace, case, chase, grace, lace, Mace, pace, place, race, space, trace, vase 

2 syllables

air base, airspace, apace, backspace, birthplace, boatrace, boldface, bookcase, bootlace, briefcase, crawlspace, debase, deface, disgrace, displace, drag race, duckface, embrace, encase, enlace, erase, first base, Flores, half-face, headcase, incase, misplace, moonbase, nutcase, outface, outrace, paleface, replace, retrace, scarface, shoelace, showcase, showplace, someplace, staircase, straight-face, suitcase, test case, tide-race, typeface, unlace, workplace 


3 syllables

about-face, aerospace, anyplace, basket case, bouillabaisse, breathing space, carapace, caucus-race, cojones, commonplace, cyberspace, database, double bass, everyplace, fingered-face, fireplace, funny-face, hyperspace, interface, interlace, lovers-place, lowercase, marketplace, outer space, outerspace, pencil case, pillowcase, polling place, resting place, stable-place, steeplechase, Volte-face 

4 syllables

attache case, medicine-case, wild goose chase 

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