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1 syllable

creel, deal, eel, feel, heal, heel, keel, kneel, meal, Neal, Neil, peal, peel, reel, seal, spiel, squeal, steal, steel, teal, veal, weal, wheal, wheel, zeal 

2 syllables

appeal, Bastille, big deal, blood meal, bonemeal, Camille, cartwheel, conceal, congeal, cornmeal, four-wheel, freewheel, genteel, high-heal, high-heel, ideal, Lucille, newsreel, oatmeal, ordeal, piecemeal, pinwheel, puerile, repeal, reveal, schlemiel, surreal, three-wheel, unreal, unreel, unseal 

3 syllables

Achilles' heel, action-feel, cross-appeal, Ferris wheel, sex-appeal, snowmobile, stainless steel, stainless-steel, steering wheel 


4 syllables


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