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1 syllable

Chris, diss, sis, Wis, bliss, hiss, kiss, miss, Swiss 

2 syllables

abyss, amiss, dismiss, remiss, hubris, bodice, Hollis, hospice, novice, promise, solace, crevice, death-kiss, Dennis, Elvis, french-kiss, Genghis, lettuce, menace, necklace, pelvis, preface, premise, tennis, terrace, trellis, thesis, crisis, iris, justice, axis, Candice, Gladys, Janis, malice, palace, practice, Travis, basis, Reyes, Phyllis, Willis, first-kiss, furnace, service, notice 

3 syllables

reminisce, Angeles, armistice, cannabis, chrysalis, dragon-kiss, edifice, emphasis, genesis, precipice, prejudice, synthesis, syphilis, accomplice, catharsis, synopsis, apprentice, prosthesis, Delores, Dolores, hit-or-miss, arthritis, bronchitis, injustice, malpractice, pugnacious, oasis, avarice, cowardice, disservice, resurface, cirrhosis, hypnosis, mitosis, neurosis, prognosis, psychosis 


4 syllables

Canada-bis, analysis, antithesis, hypothesis, metropolis, paralysis, parenthesis, sacrilegious, rigor mortis, anti-crisis, hepatitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, inauspicious, diagnosis, self-hypnosis 

5 syllables

metamorphosis, Minneapolis, photosynthesis, appendicitis, electrolysis, tuberculosis 

6 syllables

psychoanalysis, mononucleosis 

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